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1. Location:
National forest park area “Ragakāpa” (“Horn Dune”)

Deafening silence

This house is for those who want to live without the city noise right in the forest and dream of a daily walk in the forest with a child or a dog.
The forest is here, behind the fence!

Fresh Air

This house is for those who want to breathe deeply with fresh air filled with the magic mixture of pine resin, pine needles, and salty sea wind.
We’re inside the National Park!

Mushrooms and berries

This house is for those who love to collect the gifts of the forest that grow right behind the fence! Blueberries and boletus are all yours! A whole sea of blueberries at your disposal …

A few words about the park

National forest park area “Ragakāpa”

This superb property is positioned right in the national forest park area «Ragakāpa» («Singing/Horn Dune”). Area of a «Ragakāpas Dabas Parks» is 150 hectares, and is a ridge of dunes length of 800 meters and a width of 100 meters, overgrown with pines and has the unique ability to produce sounds similar in the wind on the bugle.
Here you will find pine, dating back more than 340 years, as well as rare plant species and protected species of birds. In the forest, amazing breath: it is a real “oxygen cocktail”, which creates a magical combination of sea air saturated air of pine forest, through which laid miles and miles of trails for walking.
Their width makes it easy to walk with a pram or ride a bike. Also, if you want you can always go walking using padded wooden walkway (called eco-trail), which have names: “Nature Trail”, “Trail of insects”, “Pine Trail” and “Vegetable Path”. The lanes are wooden walkways, raised above the ground to a height of 20-30 cm and then periodically intersecting with ladder, then with viewing platforms. They offer incredibly beautiful views of the pine forest and the sea. Wooden walkway not only facilitates the way guests reserve but also reduce the load on the soil, protecting plants and preserve the unique nature of the dunes.



land area sq.meters

house area sq.meters

year built - (2009)

bedroom & bathrooms

CCTV security cameras

Property Highlights

Only advantages


Superior quality of construction

Regular updating of the building components and careful maintenance help to keep the house in perfect condition. The house is built of modern materials.
The house is warm and dry in winter and cool in summer. A well-designed ventilation system ensures a constant supply and circulation of fresh air, even without the need to open windows. You will have a house without pitfalls, where everything works like a clock.


Thoughtful project
The optimal size

The house offers a well-designed living space, where the spacious kitchen smoothly enters into the large living room with a real fireplace, where you can spend family holidays. On the second floor, all three bedrooms are completely separated from each other.
The interior design was made according to a modern design project, with a predominance of neutral tones, and has modern furniture and household appliances of world brands. Uses spotlighting zones, using energy-saving lamps.

House address:

Kuģu, 1
Jurmala, Latvia


Convenient location
Everything’s at hand

Jūrmala is a city that stretches for 30 km along the sea. The house is located in the Lielupe district, which is the closest district to Riga. You will live in the most convenient place of Jurmala, among the forest and the residences of the diplomatic corps.
– to Riga – 20 km by motorway.
– grocery store -500 m
– bus stop -100 m
– train to Riga – 3 km.
– Rimi supermarket – 4 km
– Maxima supermarket and the largest water park in the Baltics “Līvu Akvaparks” – 4 km
– Jurmala Yacht Club – 1.5 km.
– the river Lielupe – 100 m.
– Baltic Sea – 600 m (10 min. A leisurely walk) along the pine forest
– Residence of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation – 400 m
– restaurant “36 line” – 450 m
– Museum of Ethnography – 150 m.


Privacy from people
Life without traffic jams

The house is located at the end of the street adjacent to the forest. There are rarely more than one or two cars passes it per day…
The forest is located right behind the fence, with many wide and comfortable paths.
Straight from the kitchen, living room and large bedroom offer a magical view of the pine forest, which is often seen deer and hares.
Since March, the forest and all the space around the house are filled with birds singing.
In the spring and autumn, migratory birds fly above the house. Throughout the year, already familiar pets arrive at the trough: woodpecker, jay and two starlings.
This house is ruled by Silence and Peace where the natural aroma of forest owns a therapeutic, calming effect, therefore in this house so quietly it sleeps and it so freely breathes.
Everything that is missing in the modern world is gathered around this house.

The Ground Floor

The first floor of the house is a comfortable, multi-functional public area. The design of the living room is made in the style of minimalism. Here, spectacular furniture of strict forms, natural colors and a modern fireplace look organically against the background of panoramic windows, and the lack of fine decor makes the public studio planning area very spacious. The large living room smoothly enters the spacious kitchen, with the installed Bulthaup kitchen. The floor of the living room is laid out with oak parquet.
Directly from the house, there is access to the garage. The bathroom on the first floor is tiled and also has a warm floor. From the first floor to the second you can climb a comfortable staircase made of solid wood.

The First Floor

The second floor of the house is a recreation area. The largest bedroom is provided for a children’s room with a balcony opening onto the side of the forest. The bright spacious children’s room will allow children to be closer to nature, watching the forest against the background of panoramic windows.
Each bedroom is isolated from each other to create a private space. From each bedroom, there is access to a bathroom, which are two on the floor.
The entire floor of the second floor is covered with oak parquet. Bathrooms have heated floors, covered with ceramics. From one of the bedrooms, there is access to a large terrace.


3. Engineering systems

Engineering systems

Video Surveillance & Internet

Video Surveillance

Full coverage CCTV security cameras

The entire area of the plot is covered by video surveillance of 6 video cameras, with the ability to monitor the state of the object through the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Free to use.


Excellent high speed internet

Latvia is a recognized leader in the development of 4G and 5G networks.
The house has two independent networks:
Bite and LMT, which provide high-quality and high-speed Internet.
Monthly subscription fee – 20 euros.

Engineering systems



Satellite TV

The house has a modern satellite television system Viasat with 456 channels in Russian and English, with the ability to view all Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian channels.
There are TV outlets in every room of the house.
The cost of a monthly subscription is 14 euros.


Central communications

The house has central city communications: water supply and sewerage.
The sewer line starts from the house, which guarantees that there is no blockage from other houses and a constant guaranteed outflow of wastewater into the main sewer line.

Engineering systems

Water, Electricity & Gas

Water Supply

Central water supply and sewage

Water supply was entered through the boiler room to the Kinetico water purification unit (USA). Water supply functions after the cleaning unit.
The quality of drinking water of the highest level is confirmed by the analysis of “Rīgas ūdens”.
Potable water is obtained by filtering the treated water after Kinetico (USA) through a filter cleaning “reverse osmosis”. Delicious water that animals drink.
To irrigate the lawn, water is used from a submersible pump into a well more than 100 m deep. Free to use.

Gas & Electricity

Central Energy supply
of gas  electricity

Electricity and gas are supplied to the house. Gas is used only for heating. and water boiling
The cable entry into the house of a 3-phase power cable was made. Certified grounding and lightning protection.
Installed: an introductory shield, electric lighting panels, and socket groups, with the wiring of electrical cables to consumers.
Completed landscape lighting and mast lighting of the entire area. 
Very stable electricity and gas supply.
Up-time is 99,9%.

Jurmala is beautiful

at any time of year

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You are welcome to check out our house gallery to make sure that this home is in prime condition which makes it a perfect living space.

650.000 €

Possible payment in roubles.
Also possible to exchange for a house in Russia.